About Equatorial Guinea

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea is located in the Gulf of Guinea and is organized into two regional divisions: Continental Region Insular Region. Continental Region Cameroon borders the country on the north end, Gabon borders it on the east and south and the Gulf of Guinea in on the west. Corisco Island also belongs to this zone. The mainland capital is the city of Bata. The Insular Region comprises the island of Bioko, where the island capital, Malabo, and the island of Annobon are situated.

Equatorial Guinea is the only Spanish-speaking country in Africa, and one of the smallest nations on the continent. In the late-1990s, American companies helped discover the country’s oil and natural gas resources, which only within the last five years began contributing to the global energy supply. Equatorial Guinea is now working to serve as a pillar of stability and security in its region of West Central Africa. The country hosted the 2011 Summit of the African Union.