How to Get Around

Taxis: The cars with red hoods and roofs are cabs.   They are plentiful, inexpensive and safe in Malabo.  Generally, a ride from the airport to the Sofitel—as an example—is about 5,000 CFA and takes about 15 minutes. That’s about as long as any cab ride will be. Most taxi rides throughout the central business district should be 500 CFA per person. Drivers have the right to pick up multiple passengers unless a premium is paid.

Buses: This is a less expensive option, though schedules and pricing vary. We’d recommend getting to know the city a bit first before exploring this option. Asking around about routes and times would be the best approach.

Walking: The historic district is very walk able, with sidewalks and light traffic. Obey common sense when walking in the streets; however, the local practice is to use the car horn to announce proximity to pedestrians. Furthermore, the city is safe, with no more crime than would be expected in an American city. The streets are well lit, clean and have very few if any beggars. Just use your best judgment.

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