Where to Eat

Although one should always follow the general rules about eating and drinking in African countries, Malabo features a number of restaurants and cafes that are clean and well-run, offering a variety of cuisine. If you are on the island for a while, you have the advantage of exploring a number of delicious options. It is a small city, but there’s plenty to explore. Also note that credit cards are not yet widely accepted. So keep cash with you at all times. There are numerous banks where you can change currency, and you can even do so at some local restaurant establishments.

Baguette Pizza: The American-style pizza spot offers standard American dishes and pizza options. Baguette delivers to close-by places. The pizza place has indoor seating and is open until midnight most nights.

Bantu: As a result of the influx of Chinese immigrants, interest and investment in Equatorial Guinea, there are a number of Chinese restaurants in Malabo. Bantu is the one we recommend most highly.



Cafe Kristania: Kristania is a cozy corner spot that evokes remembrances of New Orleans. It has quality pastries (bread overall in Equatorial Guinea is quite delicious), and is a nice spot for a pre-dinner cocktail. The porch, which wraps around the outskirts of the bar, allows you to enjoy some fantastic people-watching.





Café Malabo: Café Malabo serves light fare, cocktails and coffee.  While enjoying an afternoon refreshment, one might think one is in a northern European coffee house versus a tropical African island.  The nicely decorated café has a modern vibe.  The café often hosts casual afternoon meetings of the city’s business elite.





Candy Pizza: An American-style pizza place that features a variety of standard American dishes and pizza options. There is plenty of seating and a great view of the port. Keep in mind that you can change currency here.





Centro Cultural de España: Sponsored by the government of Spain, the Centro Cultural de Espana features home-style Spanish cuisine. The center offers a very varied menu at reasonable prices.  One will often find many Spanish, American and French expatriates dining at the tidy and hospitable restaurant. The center is located on the airport highway.





Hilton Malabo:  The Hilton Malabo, outside the airport, offers several upscale choices for a breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.  There is the Aqua Bar and Grill near the pool for American fare and hamburgers. Experience Italian-influenced dishes in Gusto, which features Equatorial Guinea’s largest wine cellar of 2500 bottles.  Teatro Restaurant offers continental cuisine and brunch and lunch buffets. Sip cocktails in the handsome lobby lounge.


Hotel 3 de Agosto (August 3): The hotel restaurant offers a unique dining experience by giving you the option to cook imported top quality steaks on searing hot stones at the table. An assortment of side dishes, and other fare, are also available.



Institute Cultural Francais: This is a favorite option for many travelers and locals alike. It has both indoor and outdoor seating and a great menu that features exquisite French fare. Garlic abounds in many of the dishes, so be prepared. It also offers a wonderful charcuterie plate, good steaks and chicken dishes, a variety of imported beers and a great wine selection.





La Luna: This is a quaint restaurant that evokes a Middle Eastern feel, with outdoor seating in a sparse retro-modern architecture with a view of the Port of Malabo—complete with a wading pool. The food is really good; mostly French and American dishes.





Martinez Hermanos Supermarket: If you’re on a tight budget, the best place to grab a bite or drink may actually be the supermarket! There are numerous little shops and convenience storesin the old quarter. But there is one large grocery store on the Ave de la Independencia, Martinez Hermanos, that has everything from cereal to vodka (though no fresh produce.) You can still pick up a reasonably priced meal without a problem.




Sofitel Sipopo Le Golf: Located a drive outside of the center of Malabo in the new conference city of Sipopo is a Sofitel,  which features the dining experiences of any larger Western-style resort. L’Equateur is a French brasserie, which features fresh seafood and local Equatorial Guinea specialties often in a buffet format. Le Voyageur is a gourmet à la carte French restaurant. The restaurant terrace offers views of the beach, the botanic island and Mont Cameroun. Le 19, restaurant and bar, is a place to sip cocktails and enjoy tasty snacks.




Sofitel Presidencia Malabo: The Sofitel Presidencia has several options. There is a bar—a nice little spot with a Continental menu that includes hamburgers, tuna salad and other dishes. You can also enjoy a lunch buffet in La Basile.  It is price-fix plus drinks, and offers a large array of hot and cold dishes. There is a dinner menu, which has a number of traditional dishes from Equatorial Guinea. In addition, Sundays offer a large brunch, which is quite popular.




Tamara: Tamara Pizzerria and Bakery is a great place to go for breakfast or afternoon snacks. It offers a variety of pastries and sandwiches and is walking distance from Café Kristiana and Getesa. Tamara has also outdoor seating where visitors can enjoy a nice meal.





Candy Irish Bar: An Irish-style bar and restaurant located in the center of Malabo, right next to Candy Pizza. It’s open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It offers traditional American and Irish meals such as mozzarella sticks, burgers, chicken wings, fish and chips and they even have Greek salads. Candy Irish Bar has the Irish favorite beers and drinks. It has also a pool table and a family style seating for a friendly environment.




Delisse de France: A French-style, modern bakery located in the heart of Malabo off Avenida de la Independencia and opened in 2012. It features breads, sweet and savory pastries, pizzas, sandwiches and entrees in a cozy, comfortable setting. It has a fully stocked bar and offers outdoor seating. Delisse is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week.




Tivoli: A Spanish-inspired cafe and deli that serves cold cuts, sandwiches, tapas, tortilla espanola and light entrees. Tivoli also has a limited amount of groceries. It is open seven days a week and is located on Avenida Libertad.